When Blocked Senders Go Bad

To ensure the safe and block lists work across all clients – Junk Mail MUST be enabled on the mailbox! SPAM is war, but sometimes even when you do the right thing, blocked messages can still get through and make it to the inbox. From the documentation and within Outlook itself, this doesn’t seem possible:Continue reading “When Blocked Senders Go Bad”

Where did my Remote Routing Address go?

Enable-RemoteMailbox is a powerful and useful command, sparing Exchange Hybrid admins the pain of creating and moving a local mailbox to Exchange Online. It does, however, have some issues occasionally – specifically when creating the required RemoteRoutingAddress. From the official documentation, you get the provided example: Enable-RemoteMailbox “Kim Akers” -RemoteRoutingAddress “kima@contoso.mail.onmicrosoft.com” This usually works, however,Continue reading “Where did my Remote Routing Address go?”

Go Commando when Scripting. Checking out the new Powershell Secrets Module.

  Everyone loves a good secret and anything to make it easier to store that secret and keep it from prying eyes is worth looking at. With that in mind, I was immediately interested when I read about the release of the new PowerShell Secrets Management Module. Note that the current module uses the built-inContinue reading “Go Commando when Scripting. Checking out the new Powershell Secrets Module.”