Authenticating trusted messages with Exchange and Office 365

One of the rather interesting side effects of moving your mailbox to Exchange Online is the change in behavior of the old trusty Safe Sender list. If if your mail client trusts only messages sent from a safe sender, all other messages will end up in junk mail. This is change from on-premises – where onlyContinue reading “Authenticating trusted messages with Exchange and Office 365”

Using the new V2 ExO Powershell Module in a script (and the old way if you want!)

As you know, Microsoft announced the new Exchange Online REST-based Powershell commands at Ignite: Loading the modules from a script is similar to loading the V1 version, passing the credential with $UserCredential in this example. With the new version, you load two dlls: The API dll, followed the GalleryModule in that order. Note thatContinue reading “Using the new V2 ExO Powershell Module in a script (and the old way if you want!)”

Selectors: The Magic Sauce of DKIM

One question I see a lot is “How can I let 3rd party vendors send as our organization using DKIM?” It’s a lot easier than you think. The trick is in the selector. Per RFC 6376:  To support multiple concurrent public keys per signing domain, thekey namespace is subdivided using “selectors”.   Implementing this is pretty straight-forward, so let’s getContinue reading “Selectors: The Magic Sauce of DKIM”